Helpful Construction sites :

Department of Corrections "Procurement" contains vendor registration information and procurement bulletin board, with solicitations and award postings.

Department of Natural Resources Procurement Services Section provides vendor guide and registration form; lists state contracts, solicitations and awards for building maintenance and other projects.

Department of Parks, Recreation andTourism  Procurement Opportunities@ contains bidding information, vendor forms, standard quotation provisions, and Small and Minority Business Plan information.

Department of Transportation Contains current contract-letting information; tentative letting schedule for next 12 months for primary and secondary projects; contract-letting schedule and bid tabulations listed by date; prequalified prime contractor listings; prequalification form; database of construction project status. Statewide Transportation Improvement Program lists projects planned for the next five years. Median Barrier Program contains interactive map of priority projects for median barrier installation on interstate highways. Provides monthly material and fuel cost indexes. Provides directory of certified disadvantaged business enterprises; program information; certification application and checklist; program and support services information.

Office of General Services, Materials Management Office South Carolina Business Opportunities (SCBO) is a twice-weekly electronic publication that lists proposed procurements and provides other business information for an annual paid subscription. SCBO procurement advertisements include architecture and engineering services, consultant and professional services, and construction. Lists awards and solicitations; other agencies' online solicitations; term contracts; state procurements. Contains OSE manual and draft OSE documents for proposed use with AIA documents.

Port of Charleston Lists construction bidding advertisements and tabulations. Procurement Department provides overviews of purchasing policy and solicitation process. Provides information about future projects and funding for port development and harbor deepening.

South Carolina Highway Construction: See, Bid Express Procurement Information Center  Provides online access to bid solicitations, South Carolina Business Opportunities (SCBO), goods and service contracts and awards, standard bid instructions, vendor registration forms, and vendor directories. 

University of South Carolina, Purchasing Department Lists solicitations and awards; goods and services contracts; includes standard solicitation provisions and contract clauses; purchasing manual; and bidding and purchasing forms. Contains the full text of the South Carolina Constitution, Code of Laws and Code of Regulations. Can perform a keyword search or browse by article, title or chapter.  A service of the state's General Assembly, this Web site includes a browsable index of South Carolina's laws, plus a full-text search tool.

South Carolina Building Code Council  Contains South Carolina amendments to adopted building codes; adoption status of building codes; recommended code procedure; local amendments; building codes statutes and regulations; modular building codes overview; listings of current code classes by approved providers; course calendar; minimum guidelines for course providers; code forms; code enforcement officer license lookup; and council meeting calendar and agenda.

South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation  Office of Elevators and Amusement Rides provides Elevator Code, elevator safety inspection information, statutes, regulations, abatement form and code-related FAQs.

South Carolina Energy Office Commercial/Industrial Sector contains code adoption and compliance information, links to the state Energy Code and other code resources, and examples of code compliant residential buildings. Public Sector contains "Guide to Energy Performance Contracting" and information about projects. Residential Sector provides residential building energy code summary. Includes compliance briefing; program information; links; calendar of energy training programs.

South Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal Fire Marshal testing guidelines and fees; information about engineering and inspection services; sprinkler system specification sheet and certificate of compliance; Fire Marshal rules and regulations.

South Carolina Residential Builders Commission Contains South Carolina residential construction standards.

COMPLETE SC RULES, REGULATIONS AND REGISTERS   Use this Web site to access the state's regulations, downloadable in Word format, or search for pending regulatory changes. The site also provides links to federal provisions.   Provides subscription form and information about electronic access to the South Carolina State Register for issues after June 30, 2002. Archive of issues before June 30, 2002, may be accessed without a subscription.


Board of Architectural Examiners POL/Architects/Contains links to full text of South Carolina statutes and regulations relating to the practice of architecture; full text of South Carolina Fair Housing Law.

Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors   Links to full text of the statutes and regulations relating to the practice of engineering and land surveying

.Contractors' Licensing Board Contains full text of the Contractor Practice Acts and regulations, including the general and mechanical contractors' licensing law.

Department of Natural Resources Professional Licensing Program provides statutes and regulations relating to landscape architect and soil classify statutes.

South Carolina Residential Builders Commission Contains residential building contractors licensing statutes and regulations.  


Access Board (formerly Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board)   Contains Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities, Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards.

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute  Can download selected free standards and view catalog of standards and other publications available for order. Provides information about international standards activities.

American Architectural Manufacturers Association Contains membership directory and updates on pending building code changes.

American Bearing Manufacturers Includes downloadable list of standards; listing of members, meetings and conferences, educational programs. 

American Concrete Institute  Subscribers can access ACI Manual of Concrete Practice online. Offers seminars on building codes and building code changes.

American Fire Alarm Association Seminars for fire alarm system testers, inspectors and designers; subscribe to participate in association discussion list; order NFPA manuals, codes and forms; take courses online. 

American Fire Sprinkler Association Lists National Fire Protection Association standards for sprinklers. 

American Gas Association "Codes and Standards" contains downloadable fact sheets and reports on building codes and standards pertinent to gas piping and equipment. Contains information about National Fuel Gas Code, including ordering information, interpretations and errata. Contains glossary of natural gas technical terms.

American Hardboard Association Contains downloadable American National Standards Institute standards related to hardboard products. 

American Institute of Steel Construction  Contains AISC Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges; ASTM Standard Specification for General Requirements for Rolled Structural Steel Bars, Plates, Shapes and Sheet Piling; FEMA 350 and 353; LRFD specifications; and seismic provisions.  

American Institute of Timber Construction  Lists design standards, technical notes, manufacturing standards and technical papers; some are available for sale, and others can be downloaded for free.

American National Standards Institute   Standards online; full text of Standards Action and provides current and archived news releases on standards.

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers  Contains standards-related guides, addenda, errata, interpretations; list of withdrawn standards; purposes and scopes; subject and numeric index to standards. Can order standards online or download selected standards (some available to members only). Can view proceedings, PowerPoint presentations and conference outlines. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers  Contains codes, standards, policies, procedures and guidelines; recently published standards; electronic stress tables; public review proposals with order information.  

Americans with Disabilities Act Home Page(Department of Justice)  Provides information about ADA certification of state and local building codes; technical assistance manuals and design guides.

American Wood Council  Free code publications; codes for sale; code advice by region; information on code-related meetings. Lists code acceptance of AWC wood design manuals and specifications. Offers free online courses on Designing with National Design Specification for Wood Construction; LRFD Manual for Engineered Wood Construction; Wood Frame Construction Manual; building code and wood design courses and seminars; wood as a building material courses; and wood design and detailing courses. Lists code experts.

Brick Industry Association (formerly Brick Institute of America)  Building code issues affecting the brick industry.

Builders Booksource Can order print copies of uniform codes and design and standards publications.

Building Owners and Managers Association International  Position papers, talking points and information about BOMA's position and activities related to building codes and standards. Lists technical and regulatory publications on construction, ADA, facility management and standards available for purchase online. Includes listings of training opportunities and events.

Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Service  Electric Program contains design specifications; electrical engineering and architecture design policies and procedures; electrical system construction policies and procedures; and electrical standards for materials and construction. Telecommunications Program contains seismic safety standards; lists materials acceptable for use on telecommunications systems built for Rural Utilities Service borrowers. Publications include design and technical bulletins and specifications.

Department of Energy, Energy Information Portal Provides information about efficiency standards and building energy codes. State Energy Portal includes state building energy code case studies; interactive REScheck and COMcheck energy compliance tools; and interactive ZIP code insulation calculation program.

Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Building Energy Codes  Contains link to full-text Low-Rise Residential Energy Efficiency standard and proposed rulemaking for Energy Efficiency Code for New Federal Residential Buildings; information about Model Energy Code (MEC); downloadable compliance materials (REScheck) and software; information about commercial energy codes; downloadable COMcheck materials developed to simplify and clarify commercial and high-rise residential building energy code requirements.

Department of Housing and Urban Development Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity provides HUD's review of model building codes' conformity with Fair Housing Act design and construction requirements, related documents; Fair Housing Act Design Manual; Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines, Q&A Supplement and information on accessibility requirements.

Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Facilities Management, Technical Information Library includes accessibility laws and program overview; Barrier Free Design Guide; fire safety requirements for VA facilities; seismic design policies; design alerts; design and construction procedures; design guides and manuals; review checklists; interior standards; and other resources.

EC&M Online Contains free online articles related to the National Electrical Code, electrical design, construction, maintenance; calendar of events and seminars related to electrical work and the code; NEC books for sale; question and answer sections regarding the code and electrical work.

EIFS Alliance  Contains Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS)-related code updates.

Electrical Contractor Network  "NEC Code Page" contains National Electrical Code information, Q&As, comment form for proposed revisions to NEC, full-text reports on proposals and interactive Code Quiz.

Electrical Generating Systems Association  Provides full text of pending and adopted standards; can download adopted standards; can view new standards posted for public review.

Electronic Industries Alliance  Under "Technology & Standards," provides information on industry standards.

Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund  Contains Model Elevator Code.

Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, Inc.  Provides ordering information and order form for EJMA standards. Visitors can submit technical inquiries online.

Federal Emergency Management Agency, Hazards Mitigation Division includes mitigation information by hazard; technical assistance programs; flood hazard mapping information, regulations and guidance.

First Source Registered users can access library of building codes by jurisdiction or state; can find detailed information on state and local building codes and amendments, as well as contact information for state and local building authorities and public utilities. The site covers major cities nationwide, with some links to full-text codes. Includes table of code acronyms, code names and code writing organizations.

Gypsum Association  Contains downloadable standards and ICBO Evaluation Service reports that demonstrate code compliance and acceptance of specific gypsum materials and systems; lists code references by other code bodies and jurisdictions. Design, construction and code enforcement professionals can submit technical inquiries online.

Heat Exchange Institute Provides list of standards available for sale and a downloadable order form.

Hydraulic Institute Pump standards handbooks, engineering books and other technical publications online. “Pumps" includes pump definitions, pump standards FAQs, database of pump types and downloadable pump diagrams. Can view executive summary of "The Pump Life Cycle Costs: A Guide to LCC Analysis for Pumping System.

Institute for Business and Home Safety Building Codes contain updates, activity reports and news flashes on the International Code Council, model codes, state codes and standards developments; state code activities for selected states; and code adoption maps by state. Building codes can be downloaded, purchased or borrowed

Institute for Research in Construction Construction Codes contains link to Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes, selected full-text documents available for downloading and complete list of Canadian codes with links to content summaries and ordering information.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Standards Association The association, an affiliate of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, develops standards and codes, including the National Electrical Safety Code, available online by subscription or via e-mail for a fee. The site also features association news and information, including standards development and upcoming events.

Insulated Cable Engineers Association Lists ICEA power cable standards, ICEA communication standards and National Electrical Manufacturers Association power cable standards available for order.

Insulated Steel Door Institute  Lists steel door standards available for sale.

Insulation Contractors Association of America  Provides technical bulletins and briefings on building code and energy code issues.

International Association of Electrical Inspectors IAEI News provides informal interpretations of codes and standards. Monthly features, code violation reports and code Q&As. Provides information about National Certification Program Construction Code Inspector (NCPCCI), including exam and registration information and list of reference materials. Includes information about educational programs and seminar calendar.

International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials(Uniform Plumbing Code) Lists IAPMO Plumbing and Mechanical Code seminars; standards and code publications available for sale; downloadable code errata; information about IAPMO Plumbing Product Listing Service; Uniform Mechanical Code and Uniform Plumbing Code adoption maps.

International Code Council(International Building Code) Code development process and status of code development; development cycle; provides code errata, pubic proposal and comment forms; tracks pending legislation of interest to the construction industry, with links to the bills.

International Fire Code Institute Information about certification program, certified professional database and member roster.

International Dark-Sky Association Library" contains "Outdoor Lighting Code Handbook" and "White Paper on Outdoor Lighting Code Issues." Also contains a guide to outdoor lighting regulations, with links to state and local lighting ordinances, model lighting ordinances, framework for outdoor lighting improvement ordinances and a guide to lighting regulations. "Resource Library" contains articles and research papers on lighting pollution prevention.

International Electrotechnical Commission Web Store offers for sale standards publications organized by ICS codes (including environment, mechanical systems, energy and heat transfer, electrical engineering, railway engineering, marine structures, construction materials and building, and civil engineering). Can browse recently published standards; view replaced/withdrawn standards; and download corrigenda and interpretation sheets.

International Firestop Council Provides information about code development activities; lists standards and codes for sale; can download code-related publications and guidelines; lists member companies and organizations.

International Organization for Standardization Provides catalog of international standards publications, lists of withdrawn standards and information on maintenance agencies and registration authorities. Includes frequently asked questions; materials on the development and implementation of ISO standards; recent news; magazine article archive; event calendar.

International Parking Institute Can order online ADA Parking Compliance Manual and parking planning, design and construction manuals.

Job Accommodation Network, ADA Hot Links and Document Center Provides links to ADA laws; Supreme Court rulings; building, housing and recreation accessibility guidelines; ADA technical assistance manuals; other documents; and enforcement forms and information.

Mad Cad Subscription-based reference database that contains building codes and code guidelines. Provides access to cross-referenced collections of building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire and maintenance codes from the Southern Building Code Congress International, International Conference of Building Officials, Building Officials and Code Administrators International, International Code Council and National Fire Protection Association as well as state and local codes.

Manufactured Housing Institute "Developer Resources" contains code comparison summary of the CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code and Model Energy Code and the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. Contains link to the complete text of the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards on the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Web site.

Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry Lists standards publications, with prices and order information.

Material Handling Industry of America Catalog of codes, standards and other technical publications for MHIA's 18 product sections and councils, such as Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Hoist Manufacturers Institute, Rack Manufacturers Institute, Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Metal Building Manufacturers Association "Insurance" provides bulletins on fire-rated assemblies, fire sprinkler systems, wind uplift and flame spread.

Metal Framing Manufacturers Association Contains metal framing standards and guidelines.

Metal Powder Industries Federation Provides technical information, glossary. Under "Publications," lists standards for sale.

Modular Building Institute, Construction Codes Listed by State Lists adopted structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes; code agencies; contact persons; telephone numbers for all 50 states.

Naffa International World of Building Codes Contains building code development updates, links to code resources, Building Code Discussion Group and links to other online discussion groups for building codes, including ICBO chat-rooms and online building code assistance. "Links" contains code-related checklists and an extensive directory of telephone numbers for local building departments in California. Offers Code Buddy software for sale online.

National Association of Corrosion Engineers Under "NACE Store," can purchase and download standards relating to material requirements, recommended practices and test methods for corrosion. Can view tables of contents and forewords. Lists newly published standards, pending withdrawals and other updates.

National Association of Home Builders Construction Codes and Standards" links to resources on codes, standards, accessibility, energy efficiency, green building, fire protection, indoor environment issues.

National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors Lists authorized inspection agencies. Contains database of manufacturers and repair companies; information about board programs, testing laboratory, seminars and courses, and boiler and pressure vessel registration.

InternationalNational Center on Accessibility  Research program promoting access to recreation for people with disabilities.

National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards Contains FAQs and NCCLS Quality Manual.

National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards Contains information on NCSBCS services, including code research and analysis, code development and legislative monitoring; codes and standards publications available for sale online; links to other Web sites related to building codes and regulations. International Academy for Professional Code Administration provides code- and standards-related training programs.

National Electrical Code: See, National Fire Protection AssociationNational Electrical Contractors Association Under "Codes and Standards," visitors can access current and archived issues of the "Contractors' Code Letter." "National Electrical Installation Standards" provides links to standards updates and news releases. "Technical and Code Resources" lists code and standards publications for sale as well as free publications.

National Electrical Installation Standards Online Catalog contains downloadable "State Electrical Regulations," a summary of information about electrical codes, code enforcement and contractor/electrician licensing laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Lists standards under development; offers other electrical standards and recommended practices for sale. Also includes contact names and phone numbers for state agencies that regulate electrical construction; archive of Contractor's Code Letter.

National Electrical Manufacturers Association Contains database of standards searchable by keyword and available for purchase; list of standards and application guides available for free download.

National Elevator Industry  Contains Model Elevator Law; Sprinklers and Elevators code publication; link to directory of code and safety consultants; interactive safety presentation that addresses code and standards issues. Offers Building Transportation Standards and Guidelines for sale.

National Evaluation Service An independent, not-for-profit organization that conducts evaluation programs for both traditional and innovative building materials, products and systems. Develops technical reports, with product descriptions and conditions necessary for compliance with building codes. Contains application forms, fee schedule, downloadable evaluation protocols and code-related topical PowerPoint presentations; lists recently processed reports.

National Fenestration Rating Council Contains primer on energy codes and fenestration products; software.

National Fire Code, National Electrical Code, NFPA 5000 Building Construction and Safety Code) Codes, standards and fire prevention materials are available for immediate purchase and download in PDF format.

National Fire Sprinkler Association International Building Code Sprinkler Requirements," "Draftstopping Requirements for Multi-Family Construction," "Fire Sprinklers for Educational Occupancies," adoption status of international codes by state and other code-related information.

National Fluid Power Association Lists recently published standards related to fluid power design and performance; includes catalog of standards available for sale. Can use Standards Locator to search for draft, published and withdrawn fluid power standards by topic, developer, title, scope and document number and to find scope, current status, price and the committee involved.

National Information Standards Organization Contains listing of downloadable standards and information on creating standards.

National Institute for Standards and Technology Gives information about research activities of NIST measurement and standards laboratories. Building Environment Division includes research, standards activities and publications by the Computer Integrated Building Processes Group. Virtual Library lists available standards and technical publications; international standards bodies; links to other government agencies and standards-developing organizations.

National Institute of Building Sciences Provides information about the federal Building Product Pre-Approval Program and list of pre-approved products for federal buildings; Sustainable Building Technical Manual; links to full-text federal executive orders and other documents relating to energy and/or environmental directives and environmentally preferable purchasing; information about subscribing to the Construction Criteria Database, a collection of over 10,000 documents used in construction, including guide specifications, manuals, handbooks, regulations and reference standards; information about the new CAD Standard and purchase information.

National Roofing Contractors Association Contains roofing-related changes and provisions in the building codes; lists roofing-related ASTM standards.

National Spa and Pool Institute Technical standards and codes for public and private pools and spas. "Government Relations" includes "Latest ADA Recommendations for Pools and Spas."

National Standards Systems Network Data network of developing and approved national, foreign, regional and international standards and regulatory documents. Directory of standards developers alphabetized by acronym. Standards Tracking and Automated Reporting (STAR) Services offers e-mail status reports on standards under development, revision and maintenance to paid subscribers.

NSF International Can purchase standards for public health equipment and products, such as drinking water treatment units, plumbing system components and wastewater treatment units.

Painting and Decorating Contractors of America Under "PDCA Standards," codes and standards can be printed out in PDF.

Pipe Fabrication Institute Can order engineering and fabrication standards online.

Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association Contains information about codes related to plastic pipes and a downloadable user bulletin on building codes and plastic piping. "Products" provides code status for plastic pipe products.

Plumbing and Draining Institute Under "Publications," codes and standards are available in PDF.

Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association Technical Department provides information about the National Standard Plumbing Code and form to propose code changes.

Plumbing Manufacturers Institute Contains technical education articles on codes, standards and accessibility issues.

Portland Cement Association Contains PCA publications on codes, standards and technical issues. Many files are available for download in PDF for free or for a charge.

Research Council on Structural Connections Contains specifications and recommended procedures for structural joints.

Residential Energy Services Network Contains technical guidelines for national home energy ratings; information on state energy codes and energy code developments; Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standard; and selected states' statutes and local ordinances that allow home energy ratings as compliance option for residential energy codes.

Residential Fire Safety Institute Lists jurisdictions by state that require residential fire sprinklers in one- and two-family homes, including specific conditions for requirements; sprinkler regulations by state. Contains model ordinances and amendments to NFPA 1, Uniform Fire Code; fire response zones-based model ordinance; stand-alone model ordinance; information about safety features of new homes and overview of hotel fire safety. Lists incentives for installing residential fire sprinklers; includes primer for fire officials on adopting residential sprinkler ordinances; technical information; quality control program for residential sprinkler installations; answers to home builder objections to residential fire sprinkler ordinance; technical information about smoke and heat detectors; and state regulations for contractors, designers and installers of NFPA 13D systems.

Rubber Manufacturers Association Provides catalog of standards and other technical publications, with a downloadable order form.

Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association Standards, manuals and other technical publications are searchable by keyword or publication category. Provides tables of contents and executive summaries of publications. Can make technical inquiries online regarding SMACNA's technical manuals, guides and standards. Can download building code updates.

Society for Protective Coatings Can purchase and download standards online; purchase print copies of standards, including the complete collection of SSPC standards; view press releases on new standards.

South Carolina Building Code Council Contains South Carolina amendments to adopted building codes; adoption status of building codes; recommended code procedure; local amendments; building codes statutes and regulations; modular building codes overview; listings of current code classes by approved providers; course calendar; minimum guidelines for course providers; code forms; code enforcement officer license lookup; and council meeting calendar and agenda.

South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Office of Elevators and Amusement Rides provides Elevator Code, elevator safety inspection information, statutes, regulations, abatement form and code-related FAQs.

South Carolina Energy Office  Commercial/Industrial Sector contains code adoption and compliance information, links to the state Energy Code and other code resources, and examples of code compliant residential buildings. Public Sector contains "Guide to Energy Performance Contracting" and information about projects. Residential Sector provides residential building energy code summary. Includes compliance briefing; program information; links; calendar of energy training programs.

South Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal Fire Marshal testing guidelines and fees; information about engineering and inspection services; sprinkler system specification sheet and certificate of compliance; Fire Marshal rules and regulations.

South Carolina Residential Builders Commission Contains South Carolina residential construction standards.

Stairway Manufacturers' Association Can view proposed International Building Code changes pertaining to stairways.

TAPPI: Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry Provides information on standards. Also provides discussion boards and Ask the Experts.

TechStreet  Online store for codes, standards, technical books, materials data and other resources from ANSI, ASTM, ASME, API, AWWA, Hydraulic Institute, ISA, IEC, IEEE, ISO, UL and other organizations. Offers free technical shareware.

Telecommunications Industry Association Can download TIA Engineering Manual and standards catalog; purchase standards online, including Commercial Building Standards for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces; Structural Standards for Steel Antenna Towers and Antenna Supporting Structures; Residential Telecommunications Cabling Standard; Commercial Building Grounding (Earthing) and Bonding Requirements for Telecommunications.

Ultimate Civil Engineering Directory  Contains links to international building code resources organized by country.

UL Standards The Web site of the standards division of Underwriters Laboratories features general standards information, an online catalog, product index, recent news and the scope of all UL standards.

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization. Includes information about product certification programs and online directories of certified products. Includes information on ordering print copies of directories of building, roofing, fire resistant and other materials. Can view full-text articles from current and archival issues of Underwriters Laboratories newsletters.

Uniform Building Code: See, International Conference of Building OfficialsUniform Fire Code Association Includes information on contacting the UFCA Fire Code Coordinator, code interpretation inquiries, UFC training and certification programs, proposed revisions to the UFC and UFC international edition; latest issue of UFCA Journal. Offers Uniform Fire Code and California Fire Code for sale.

Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE)1 Offers an online bookstore.

National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Offers commonly used publication on productivity losses as well as publications on estimating the cost of change orders and other studies on loss of efficiency.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratories for the Construction Technology Transfer Center at Indiana State University Provides an online training program to educate viewers on CPM scheduling.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Includes a publications page that leads to its journal publications.

R.S. Means A leading supplier of construction cost information.

Engineering News Record Cost Indexes Includes a Building Cost Index (BCI) for the years 1915 to present and a Construction Cost Index (CCI) for 1908 to present.

Marshall Swift Provides residential and commercial building cost data for new construction and renovation work.

Project Management Institute Offers products and news related to project management issues, including CPM scheduling and change management.

Defense Acquisition Deskbook Includes a substantial database of government contract documents that are easily accessible through the search tool.

U.S. Army Cost and Economic Analysis Center  Provides a publication search tool.

Construction Criteria Base Provides a search library of construction documents primarily related to government contracts.

iCivilEngineer The Civil Engineering Web Directory.

Construction Industry Institute Presents best practices in several areas of construction, including change management and disputes resolution.

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